Business SIM Only tariffs

For businesses that already have their devices

SIM Only plans for businesses

Got your own phone or tablet? Pick up a SIM to keep your business connected. With unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, you just need to choose how much data you want.


You’ll also get extra benefits, like flexing your data once a month, connecting for free at O2 Wifi hotspots, and enjoying daily offers with Priority.

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Why choose a SIM Only tariff?

Flex your data

Choose how much data you want, from 4GB to Unlimited. And increase or decrease it every 30 days. You’ll know when your data’s running low, with alerts once you’ve used 80% and 100% of your allowance.

Upgrade if you want to

Stay flexible with a rolling 30-day contract, or sign up to a 12-month contract to get the lowest price. Whatever you choose, you can upgrade to a device tariff from three months onwards.

Choose tariffs that suit you

Got a tablet? Pick up a data-only SIM. If you’ve got your own phone, you can get a SIM that will give you unlimited UK calls and texts.

Roaming in Europe included

When travelling to Europe, unless you have a special tariff, roaming in our Europe Zone will be included in your UK allowance. So your minutes, texts, and data will work in our Europe Zone, just like they do at home.

Be in control of your spend

Set a Spend Cap to limit how much you can spend on extras like calls, texts and data that are outside your monthly allowance. Adjust your Spend Cap whenever you need, to stay in control of your budget.

Work smarter with business apps

Get work done faster and more efficiently with our handpicked business apps. Add them at the beginning of your contract or whenever you need them - they're all on rolling 30-day contracts.

Inclusive minutes and call rates from the UK

UK to EU inclusive minutes and texts

Small Biz SIM Only of 20GB-50GB benefit from 500 UK to EU Minutes and Texts.
Small Biz SIM Only Unlimited benefit from 2000 UK to EU Minutes and Texts.

Minutes are valid for calls from UK to:
Zone 1 : Ireland
Zone 2: Western Europe EU and Non EU All Unlimited Small Biz handset tariffs and Small Biz SIM Only tariffs include Business International Call Saver Pass.

Business International Call Saver Pass

All Unlimited Small Biz SIM Only tariffs include Business International Call Saver Pass. Business International Call Saver Pass allows you to make calls from the UK to all destinations in all countries Worldwide at a charge of 5p per minute from the UK to countries in our Europe Zone (Zone 1 and 2) as well to North America (Zone 4 – USA and Canada). All other countries are charged at 10p per minute to call from the UK (Zones 3,5,6).

Bolt Ons

Bolt Ons give you extra minutes, messages and data, to make your tariff work harder for you. You can add and remove them every 30 days, so you’re in control.

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UK to EU: New and upgrading customers only. Use your minute and text allowance to call any standard landline or mobile in our Country Zones 1 and 2 from the UK (usually charged at international calling rates). For the latest country list and pricing visit Excludes premium-rate and service numbers. You cannot exceed your standard minute and text allowance and tariffs with unlimited allowances are subject to a usage cap of 2000 minutes and 2000 texts per month. Terms apply, see