Managed Logistics

Free up time and make savings each year

Phone lost, stolen or broken?

Don’t let a lost, stolen or broken phone affect your business. Save time and money, with our simple way to look after your business mobile devices.

Choose from our flexible pricing options, to get the right level of service for you. And free up your IT team, by letting us take care of any day-to-day issues.

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Why choose Managed Logistics?

We’ll take care of everything

From sourcing your devices. Holding your stock. And configuring the devices to your exact specification. You can be confident that as soon as a new device is out of its box, it’ll be ready to go.

Get your new device and get back to business

If a device-related disaster strikes, we’ll get you back up and running nice and quickly. We’ll rapidly get your new device to you, so you won’t have to cope for long without it.

Get your broken devices repaired or replaced

If you’ve got a broken device, where we can, we’ll fix it for you so your investment isn’t wasted. Once fixed and restored, it’ll go back into your stock. So it’ll be ready to use when you need it.

Save time and money

Cut capital costs and simplify the purchasing, supply and management of your mobile devices. We’ll manage it all for you, leaving you to focus on your own business.

Be fully supported throughout the year

If you have a problem, we are here to help. And we’ll keep you in the picture, with monthly reporting tracking the devices supported, all incidents, repair charges and stock levels.

Know you’re in safe hands

Every device we give you will meet your organisation’s specific security policies. And we’re the first provider with stringent CAS(T) security certification for mobile and WAN networks.

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