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Device lifecycle solutions

Every device you get from us can be provided with the licensed tools for you to deploy, manage and secure your business-critical devices throughout their lifetime.

This wide set of solutions will meet all your needs and cover your business devices every step of the way.

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Why choose device enablement?

Get devices that are ready-to-go

Start working with your new device from the minute it arrives. There’s no need to spend your time on the set-up, authentication procedures or activations for specific networks.

Use tools to manage your devices

Manage your connected devices with tools to be sure your devices are being used just how you want. Turn off or control specific hardware, access to apps or corporate network functionalities.

Configure your devices remotely

Make your devices fit for purpose by removing the features you don’t need. Create a customised experience and take control over network configurations, notifications and even display settings.

Keep devices secure

From the moment your device comes out of its box, it’s secure. Keep it secure and sensitive data safe by rolling out the latest updates to all your devices, as and when you wish.

Save money with flexible use

As people’s needs change, so can their devices. You can switch on and off permissions for apps. Save money by giving your people what they need to get the job done, only for as long as they need it.

Easy to scale

We make it easy for you to enable new devices, so as your business grows, you won’t be held back by a lack of available technology. Any new devices can slot in seamlessly next to your existing ones.

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