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We know what makes a great wifi service. For you and your people, your customers and your communities. On the move or in the office. And we know how to deliver it.

Our two services ensure that you can meet the needs of your customers and your business.

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Why choose O2 Wifi?

Your customers don’t pay a penny

O2 Wifi is completely free to use. You can get it in thousands of venues nationwide and you don’t even have to be on O2 to use it, so it’s perfect for visitors, contractors and temporary staff.

Register quickly and easily

Your customers, visitors and employees will only need to sign up once. From then on, they’ll be connected automatically, without having to worry about usernames or passwords. 

Get a fast and reliable service

As a secure public wifi service, O2 Wifi is continuously monitored delivering free Wifi for your customers - all part of their shopping, dining or leisure experiences. 

No impact on your network

Employees can connect to the internet on their own devices at work without using up any of their mobile data allowance. And there’s no compromising of your corporate data network.   


We take care of all the regulatory and compliance requirements that come with providing a public access wifi service.

In depth insights

We can also offer you in depth insights about the people who use the service when they’re with you, allowing you to sell and engage with them more effectively. 

A little bit more info


O2 Audience Engage - Creating closer connections with every customer. Find out how we're creating closer connections here.


Read our product sheet for more information on how our public wifi service lets you build a whole new channel for direct communication with your customers.

O2 Wifi Pro provides public Wifi and WAN services to help you run your business. Read more in our product sheet


We’re approved providers of ‘Friendly WiFi’, the world’s first Safe Certification Standard for family safe WiFi, initiated by UK Government and Industry.

For more information about O2 Wifi and to find a hotspot 

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