Winning customers with text messaging

The Challenge

Across the banking industry, people often change their mind after beginning an application for a loan because they are put off by the cumbersome process. RBS wanted to improve the customer experience during its loans fulfilment process.

The Solution

RBS chose the O2 messaging platform to make its loans process easier and more customer-friendly. The bank is able to get in contact with the customer early in the application process, using text messaging delivered by the O2 messaging platform. The messages help customers with what they need to do next, and alert them to emails from named contacts.

"As a result of introducing these changes, we've seen over 10% uplift in loans that we're able to open for customers, solely down to the immediacy of communication from email and SMS reminders." Miles Hillier, Sales Fulfilment Lead, Digital Sales at Royal Bank of Scotland.


  • Customers are more engaged, sooner in the process.
  • 10% uplift in loans, solely from the immediacy of communication from email and text reminders.
  • A customisable platform that RBS is using for bespoke marketing and service-related campaigns.