Retail and Leisure

Meeting the expectations of the digital consumer

Transform your place in the market

Reaching consumers can be complex. They've gone digital, and expect an interactive, personal experience. We can help you become the kind of retailer that customers want to buy from. Just as we have for Café Rouge, Debenhams, John Lewis and River Island.

We'll help you:

  • Connect your people and your customers using public access O2 Wifi, mobile or fixed access
  • Create an engaging customer experience with rich digital solutions such as: On The Spot: digital signage, Tok Box: assisted selling app for video interaction, Interactive Text, Mobile payments and applications and location-based advertising
  • Gain fresh insights using Smart Steps and O2 Wifi Insights
  • Empower your customer-facing team with access to information from mobile devices
  • Strengthen your back-end systems with the control, security and performance you need to support customer-facing services

We have our own retail experts. We've got 450 stores and 24 million customers of our own and we run the UK's largest digital loyalty programme, Priority. So, we've got plenty to share with you around customer attraction and loyalty.

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