How O2 supported Identity during a period of rapid growth

Staying flexible while scaling up quickly

Identity is an award-winning events agency, delivering summits, events, exhibitions and conferences for some of the biggest brands in the world.

They’ve always been an agile company, but when the UK government asked them to support the haulier industry during the EU transition and mobilise 150 sites and a team of 1500 people in just two weeks, they had to scale up quickly.

Support from O2 and access to our flexible contracts meant Identity were able to move quickly; successfully managing the largest man-power resourcing project for the last decade within the UK events industry.

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See how Identity had to flex their business, while taking on an O2 challenge.

How did O2 help Identity?

Data rollover

“Data rollover is really useful for us as a business because things can change day in, day out and we’re not wasting any of the data which we’re paying for.

Sometimes we might have a load left over, and the next day the whole team are on site, all needing to use it. Then we’re just pulling from the data that we’ve got in our bank, which reduces any wastage.” – Sam Southon, Sales & Marketing Director, Identity

30-day rolling contracts

Due to the nature of their projects, the amount of phone contracts Identity needs at any given time during the year can change.

Having 30-day rolling contracts means they’re not stuck with long-term contracts which aren’t being used.

Dedicated account manager

“One of the things we value a lot from O2 is the customer service that we get. Katrine, who is our account manager, has been stand out for us.

In an environment where we have to pivot and react really quickly from one day to the next, her attention to checking in with the team and being able to fulfil our requirements has been exceptional really. Almost unprecedented, compared to other providers. She’s done an amazing job.” - Michael Gietzen, Managing Director, Identity

Proactively educating the customer

“One of the things that’s really important to us is having a supplier that educates us and talks to us about the products that are available.

We’re not telecoms experts and we haven’t got the time to go away and research and learn. The account management service and support that we get is pre-emptive and proactive and that is essential to us getting the right products for what we need.” - Michael Gietzen, Managing Director, Identity

A little bit more info

“Flexibility in events, where you’re deadline driven, is so important. Having a supplier that is able to move as quickly as we are on the project is essential. We have exactly that at O2.”

Michael Gietzen
Managing Director, Identity

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