Network issues

What should I do if I’m having a network issue? 

If no issues appear, you can rule out a simple device issue by: 

If you’re having signal problems, check for issues in your area using our handy live status checker or My Network app.

  1. Turning your phone off and on again to refresh your network connection.  
  2. Toggling your flight mode on and off.  
  3. Choosing the O2 network manually in your phone settings.  
  4. Trying your SIM in a different O2 phone – if this works, your phone could be faulty. Use our online trouble-shooter to diagnose the problem. 
  5. Try a different O2 SIM in your phone. If your SIM works in another phone, your phone could be faulty. Use our online trouble-shooter to diagnose the problem. 

If the issue persists, please report the issue through the status checker so we can investigate further. You can also sign up to our Keep Me Posted service through our status checker, which will send you updates as we investigate and fix the issue. Download the My Network App for the easiest way to receive updates on your network issue.  

Prefer to talk to someone? Call 8222 from an O2 business mobile or pop into your local O2 shop and chat to the team. 

What affects my signal?  

We know how important staying connected is to you and we always do our best to provide the best possible service. To keep improving our network however, we occasionally have to carry our essential work, which can cause some temporary problems. These will be made clear on our status checker and you can stay updated on the progress by signing up to Keep Me Posted.  

Other day-to-day factors which may impact your service, include:  

Location: In busy places, like transport hubs, there will be multiple customers sharing the network, which can slow data speeds down. In rural locations, you may be miles away from the nearest cell site, meaning it will be difficult to connect.  

Obstructions: The more obstructions there are in the way of you and the closest cell site (walls, trees, and structures) the more difficult it will be to connect.  

Weather: Sometimes signal can be affected by extreme weather conditions, like strong winds or flooding. 



Your signal will always be stronger outside. When you’re inside, signal strength will vary depending on the type of building you’re in.


Problems with your phone

Your signal might be worse if your battery is low, or if you’re due a software update. You won’t be able to get signal if your account has been suspended.



The closer to a mast you are, the stronger your signal will be. Things like trees and hills will also play a part.


Bad weather

Sometimes signal can be affected by extreme weather conditions, like strong winds or flooding.


Temporary structures

If there’s a crane or scaffolding around, you might find your signal is worse than usual in a certain area.



We occasionally have to carry out some work on our network, this might cause some problems with your signal.

How can I stay connected when I have no signal?  

Even when you have no signal, you can text and call over Wifi.  

We have over 16,000 O2 Wifi hotspots that you can connect to when you need a faster connection, as well as Wifi Calling which you can use to make calls, even when you have no signal.

Traffic management policy

Traffic management is the range of technical practices used to manage data across networks.

Our network is a shared resource, so we use traffic management to maximise performance and deliver the best quality of experience to our customers.

To make sure our customers are clearly informed about this, we support the Broadband Stakeholders Group’s voluntary Code of Practice on Traffic Management Transparency. To find out more about our traffic management policy, take a look at our KFI (Key Facts Indicator).

I don’t have 5G signal

We’re in the process of rolling out 5G across the UK. Take a look at our coverage checker to find out where 5G is currently available.

Find out more about 5G.

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