About Bill Analyser

Bill Analyser is a powerful tool within My O2 business that enables you to check costs, monitor use, run reports and analyse spend. It's most useful if you have several phone numbers assigned to the same account.

What is Bill Analyser and why should I use it?

Bill Analyser within My O2 Business is a powerful tool you can use to check costs, monitor use, run reports and analyse spend.

Why should I use it?

  • Keep control of your spending
  • View, download and email your bills at any time. And, you can even schedule a summary bill to be sent to your inbox every time it’s produced
  • It’s the only place where you can view your recent use and remaining allowances
  • Analyse your spending with user-friendly reports, which you can schedule to be delivered to your inbox.

What can I do in Bill Analyser?

When you sign into My O2 Business you can:

  • View your bills (a brief summary, in detail, or itemised)
  • Download, save and email bills
  • Schedule summary bills to be sent to up to 50 email address, every time they’re generated
  • Check if your bill notification emails are turned on or off (but you’ll need to sign in on a desktop or laptop to change the setting)Run reports on billed and unbilled usage
  • Set up and view Watchpoints to track increases or anomalies in your spending.

When I open a bill on my phone or tablet, where will it be saved?

Depending on the type of device you have, your bills will save in different places. You can see your default folder for downloads in your phone/tablet settings.

Also, bills you’ve downloaded previously can be found in your notifications. Just click on the bell button on the top right-hand side of the Bill Analyser homepage, when signed in on your phone. Then, click on ‘View all notifications’ to see your previous downloads.

I’ve signed in, but My O2 Business says ‘no accounts can be found’

This could be because you’re a new customer, so your first bill hasn’t been generated yet. After your first bill date, your bills will appear automatically. 

If you’re not a new customer and your bills aren’t showing in My O2 Business, please get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact for help. 

Can I change my personal info and billing notification emails?

Yes, we’ve made it very easy for you to do. 

  • To change your email address or phone number:
  • Sign in to My O2 Business with your username and password
  • Select Edit my details.

To switch on/off billing notification emails:

  • Go to the Bill Analyser homepage
  • Check if you’re receiving bill notification emails by clicking your name (in the top right corner)
  • If you’re receiving bills automatically, you can switch them off.

To change your name, you’ll need to get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact.

What is Data Rollover?

Data Rollover is available on selected tariffs bought after 10 September 2020, with a core data allowance from 6GB to 100GB. This excludes the 2GB triple data and 3GB double data tariffs. The eligible tariffs are: 

  • Business Essentials
  • Small Business (device and sim only) 
  • Business Tariffs 
  • Business Mobile Broadband Sim Only 
  • Business Essentials Data Only 
  • Small Business Data Only.

Data Rollover is also available on all our UK shared data bundles for medium business customers. 

How can I check how much data I have left for this month?

If you’re on a tariff with Data Rollover, you’ll be able to see how much remaining data is available for the rest of your billing month under ‘Allowance and Usage’ in My O2 Business. The remaining data is made up of your core allowance plus any rolled over data.

Find out more about Data Rollover and My O2 Business.

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