Going abroad outside Europe

No need to switch off data roaming, with our Worldwide data bolt on to Rest of World Pass you can get online as soon as you step off the plane.

Rest of World Pass Options

Which Rest of World Pass should I buy?

There are two types of Rest of World Pass. The one that’s best for you will depend on how you want to use your phone while you’re away.

Rest of World 24 Hour Pass

  • For occasional trips abroad. Get 300 minutes, 300 texts, and up to 500MB data (dependent on country) in 96 countries outside Europe for 24 hours from the time you start using it.
  • So you can manage your email, keep up to date with social media, find your way using Google Maps and more.

Rest of World 30 Day Pass

  • For regular travellers. Gets you 3,000 minutes, 3,000 texts, and up to 5GB data (dependent on country) in 96 countries for 30 consecutive days.
  • It’s a worldwide proposition, giving you data virtually anywhere on the planet.
  • Use a little data today in Canada and a lot next week in India.
  • You can even tether your phone to your tablet or laptop for more flexible working.

Remember: Streaming videos, downloading files and maps, or gaming online can eat through your data allowance more quickly.

How do I get a Rest Of World Pass?

You can text us to add your Rest Of World Pass when you need it

Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass
You can choose to cap the number of Passes you can have, or go for unlimited:

Capped options:

  • 1 Pass per 24 hours – Text BUYROW24CAP1to 23336
  • 2 Passes per 24 hours – Text BUYROW24CAP2 to 23336

Uncapped option:

  • text BUYROW24 to 23336

Rest Of World 30 Day Pass
You can choose to cap the number of Passes you can have, or go for unlimited:

Capped option:
1 Pass per month – text BUYROW30CAP1 to 23336

Uncapped option:
Text BUYROW30 to 23336

What happens if I don’t get a Rest Of World Pass while I’m travelling outside Europe?

You’ll be charged £6 per MB, with either a standard cap (£33.34-50MB) or heavy user cap (£100-200MB.

Can I use the Rest Of World Pass in Europe?


The Rest Of World Pass only applies outside Europe.

Can I use a Rest Of World Pass if my tariff includes data in Europe?

Yes. You can use your Rest Of World Pass as usual because it only applies outside Europe.

Find out more about our Europe inclusive tariffs.

Can I use O2 Travel with the Rest Of World Pass?


You can use O2 Travel while you’re in Europe, and when you move outside Europe you can automatically start using your Rest Of World Pass, as long as you’ve added it to your tariff.

How does the Rest of World Pass work with a smartphone?

If your phone is turned on when you arrive overseas, we’ll send you a text which will either confirm the Worldwide data Bolt On you've already set up, or offer you the chance to get one.

Can I use the Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass to connect my tablet or laptop to the internet via tethering?


Both Rest of World Passes now support tethering so you can use it to get your laptop or tablet online.

How can I check how much data I’ve used?

We’ll send you an alert when 80% of your bundle has been used.
We’ll send you another when 95% has been used and a final alert when you’ve used all your data.

What happens if I run out of data?

Your Rest Of Pass will automatically renew, either when you reach your data allowance or when the time expires.
We’ll send you a message to let you know you’ve used 100% of your data. If you continue to use data, you’ll be charged for a new Pass and everything starts again.
If you chose to cap your Pass, you may have to wait until your next billing cycle before a new Pass is automatically activated.

What happens if I travel from one country to another?

You can still use any remaining data allowance if you travel from one country to another within the Rest Of World Pass countries.

For instance, if you drive from the USA to Mexico, the same Pass you bought in the USA will keep you connected to the internet when you’re in Mexico. Or Russia. Or China.

How do I know how much data I’ll get in each country?

Take a look at our rates for the Rest Of World 30 Day Pass and the rates for the Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass.

Once you’ve left the UK we’ll also send you a text message telling you how much you’ll be charged for calls and texts where you are.

How does wifi work when I’m roaming? Will it use any of my allowance?

You can connect to local wifi services when you’re abroad. You won’t use any of your O2 data allowance but your local wifi provider may charge you for use.

I don’t want to use the internet on my phone when I’m abroad – can I turn off data roaming?

You can turn data roaming on or off in the settings of your phone menu. Check your phone’s user guide or manufacturer’s website for details..

Do I get minutes and texts to use with the Rest Of World Pass?

Yes. With the Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass you get 200 minutes and 200 texts to use every 24 hours. With the Rest Of World 30 Day Pass you get 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts to use over 30 days.

Will my 4G handset work when I’m abroad?

4G for data is available in a large number of destinations. Find out more about 4G connectivity abroad.

My data allowance is being used up but I haven’t gone online. What’s happened?

Many apps update automatically in the background, or fetch new notifications like emails, and this can eat into your data allowance.
You can disable automatic updates and set how often your phone searches for new notifications in your phone’s settings – check your phone’s user guide or manufacturer’s website for details.

What happens if I leave O2 Business?

You’ll lose any outstanding roaming data within your Rest Of World Pass.

Will my Rest Of World Pass continue working after a tariff transfer?


We’ll add your Pass when we transfer your tariff. Or if your new tariff’s not compatible, we’ll let you know.

Can I get the Rest Of World Pass on all business price plans?

Not quite. They’re available on most plans but a few are incompatible.

Is there VAT on the Rest Of World Pass?

Neither the Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass nor the Rest Of World 30 Day Pass are subject to VAT, because they only apply outside EU VATable countries.

How do I opt out of the Rest Of World 24 Hour Pass?

To opt out and pay £6 per MB with your usage capped, instead of receiving up to 500MB for 24 hours for £7.50 when you travel outside Europe, call us from the UK on 0800 028 0202 or +44 344 809 0202 (free from your O2 mobile) from overseas.

BlackBerry Roaming

About BlackBerry Roaming

BlackBerry has been discontinued to new customers but the service remains available for customers who already have it.

BlackBerry Worldwide is an additional £20 (ex VAT) and connects your BlackBerry directly to the internet while you’re abroad. This service is not available on BlackBerry 10.


  • The BlackBerry Monthly Roaming Tariff doesn’t cover WAP, Mobile Web, VPN or bespoke customer APN use.
  • Data sent over those APNs while abroad will be charged at the standard per-MB roaming data rates or at O2 Travel rates (if you’ve got O2 Travel and you’re roaming within Europe).

Data Abroad

About Data Abroad

We no longer offer Data Abroad but continue to provide it to existing customers where it’s already on their tariff.

  • 10MB, 50MB or 200MB allowances (with further usage charged at our standard rates)
  • You can use data anywhere but there’s no rollover of unused data.
  • If you’re an existing user you can have more than one Data Abroad Bolt On however they must be different sizes.
  • If the Bolt Ons are added on different days each will finish on its own contract end date.
  • If a Bolt On is added during your invoice cycle the charges and allocation will be pro rata.

Standard roaming rates outside Europe

What are the standard roaming rates if I don’t have an international Bolt On?

You can see our standard data and call rates for roaming abroad here

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