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O2 Gateway is our single platform that gets your mobile, wifi and WAN all working together as one.

Our security services cover the network from end-to-end and provides transformational technologies to cut your costs and your cyber risks, delivering highly resilient next-gen firewalls without any hardware on site.

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Why choose O2 Gateway security services?

Greater control and reduced costs 

Gain greater control and reduce your costs through unified security. Our solutions go beyond traditional firewalls by offering greater control over internet usage and your threat protection.

Round-the-clock protection

We can provide peace of mind with fully adaptable, always-on, round-the-clock managed service protection that helps prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. 

Enhanced security

With our Public Cloud Firewall, we can control traffic, filter web content and provide advanced threat protection for anything passing between your network and the public cloud. 

Delivering simpler connectivity

O2 Gateway delivers your mobile, wifi and WAN on a single platform working together as one. Making your connectivity less complex so users can access the full corporate network from anywhere, on any device.

Expert support

We’ll help you combine your own in-house resources with our expertise and build up the right security portfolio to protect your organisation, your employees and your brand.

End-to-end security

As a tier one network provider, we know what it takes to securely manage a global network and digital presence – giving you protection that runs from device to network and on to the cloud.

O2 Gateway security services

Gateway Internet Protect

  • • A fully featured, highly scalable Next Generation Firewall that can help businesses transform by replacing traditional hardware firewalls
  • • Provides resilient, secure connectivity between your O2 Gateway Managed WAN and the internet
  • • Goes beyond traditional firewalls by offering greater control over internet usage and your threat protection

Gateway Internet Defence

  • • An always-on, managed service that helps prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • • Inspects incoming internet traffic in real-time, compares these to known threat types and removes and identifies them as malicious
  • • Uses proprietary techniques, Machine Learning and algorithms plus an evolving DDoS database to learn about, identify and prevent attacks

Public Cloud Firewall

  • • A centrally managed, highly scalable firewall acts as enhanced security for traffic passing between your network and the public cloud
  • • Proactive and customisable to grow with your business, supported by our skilled security experts
  • • Offers a client portal with real-time and bespoke dashboards instead of you buying, deploying and managing your own firewall for public cloud peering on PCC

The need for a proactive approach


Businesses have focused on perimeter defences and guarding known devices, but the traditional approach to cyber security isn’t enough to defend against today’s cyber threats. 


In our cloud-enabled mobile economy, there’s no longer a perimeter to defend. Work takes place in environments that organisations don’t control, on devices they don’t support, and on infrastructures they don’t manage. And as business have shifted more to the cloud, so have cyber attackers. 


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