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IoT explained

The Internet of Things is reshaping how we all live and work. But what does it mean for you and your organisation? 

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Unleash the value of connectivity 

IoT is the technology ecosystem that empowers your business with data-driven decision-making capabilities, integrating the collective knowledge of your connected devices into the heart of your business processes.

Smart IoT solutions deliver intelligent communications between these connected devices. They unlock the business value of remote service monitoring, process automation and real-time data gathering.

Harnessing the potential of IoT, and enhancing the value of data through intelligent analytics, organisations can gain more commercial clarity, more efficiencies, and more enhancements to their operations and reputation.

All kinds of organisations are taking advantage of IoT. They’re reinventing business processes and solving the problems people really care about: from finding missing pets, to creating safer roads, to helping reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. 


IoT in action

Here are just a few examples of IoT applications and solutions.

Smart meters Smart vehicles
With smart meters, energy consumption readings are transmitted wirelessly to the energy provider, putting an end to estimated bills. While an in-home display helps people monitor and control their energy usage.   Simple plug-and-play telematics devices are revolutionising transport and fleet management. Remote alerts that notify worn parts enable businesses to maintain safer, more cost-efficient fleets, and to apply proactive, predictive maintenance. 
Smart Connect Express Smart data
The easy way to test drive any IoT solution. Now businesses can get IoT devices up and running in next to no time, using purpose-built IoT SIMs, connectivity and management tools. But without the hassle of a complex long-term contract.    Take the complexity out of collecting, analysing and enhancing the rich data captured by IoT devices. Smart data solutions make it easy to access and manipulate data, and to turn it into insights that add real business value.