O2 Cellular WAN

Create a secure and convenient network wherever you need it

Fast, secure and portable network access

Do you do a lot of business outside of your permanent office?

Then chances are you’ll quickly need to equip teams in remote or temporary offices with secure access to your corporate network. But fixed lines often take weeks to install. O2 Cellular WAN is the answer.

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Portable, convenient and affordable

O2 Cellular WAN (CWAN) is a portable, convenient and affordable way to use cellular network connectivity to create a true WAN extension. Using a preconfigured plug and play router, O2 Cellular WAN works straight out of the box. So your network connection can be up and running in minutes. All you need to do is provide the power.

Choose O2 Cellular WAN, and our specialists will help you choose the perfect blend of data, hardware and payment plans for your needs. And with support on hand whenever you need it, you can relax knowing you’ve got a resilient, highly available and easy-to-manage service.

Why choose O2 Cellular WAN

Quick and easy deployment

Your plug and play router arrives pre-configured, and can be up and running straight out of the box within minutes.

Get straight to work without high costs

Start doing business with no delay. Connect to your wide-area network without having to wait weeks for an expensive fixed-line connection to be installed.

Peace of mind you’re protected

O2 Cellular WAN uses a reliable enterprise-grade connection, so you can confidently maintain secure access to your back-end systems, and keep your corporate data protected.

Scale as your needs change

The flexibility of O2 Cellular WAN means you can easily scale up or down as you need to add or remove devices.

Highly available connectivity

Choose from O2-only or UK-wide roaming, taking advantage of O2 Smart Connect’s connectivity continuity that roams across multiple UK operators.

Connect to a complete IoT service

O2 Cellular WAN is a great introduction to O2’s complete portfolio of IoT solutions, partners and connectivity services that can help your business drive innovation.

Flexible and versatile

O2 Cellular WAN supports a wide range of temporary and permanent use cases.

In construction or engineering:

Connect a site office where a fixed line isn’t practical.

In retail:

As a short-term connection for your pop-up shop or stall.

In transportation:

For primary connectivity for a remote logistics hub, or as temporary connectivity for new depots.

In business services:

To connect an account or project team seconded to a client’s office.

In vehicles:

To create secure mobile wifi.

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Enterprise and Public sector