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IoT solutions have always been constrained by the limitations of physical SIM cards.

That’s all changing as SIM technology comes of age. 

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IoT innovation unbound

Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is a game-changer for IoT. It simplifies the manufacture, deployment and in-life management of IoT devices and solutions. And it opens up new ways to enable IoT connectivity. Why? Because you no longer need to install traditional SIMs in IoT devices. 

eSIMs are a step-change in IoT connectivity because they physically integrate UICC functionality into devices during the manufacturing process. By breaking the decades-old practice of embedding mobile subscriptions onto the SIM card, eSIM lets you securely deliver O2 SIM profiles even after your devices have shipped. 

With industry adoption of the GSMA Embedded SIM and Remote SIM Provisioning specifications, you can benefit from eSIM as a fully viable commercial proposition. So you and your customers will now be free to choose any eSIM-capable device, confident it will operate regardless of provider. 

Talk to us about the potential of eSIM. We’ll help you explore fast, hassle-free ways to take advantage of future-proof eSIM technology – either on its own or as part of your complete O2 IoT service.



Make life easy with eSim

Kick-start your IoT business fast without compromising on performance: 

Power, flexibility and choice Gain early advantage Simplify manufacturing and save production costs
By making eSIM technology readily accessible, O2 will help you push the boundaries of IoT innovation. Talk to O2 about entering new markets, extending your current IoT solutions and embracing new device form-factors, enabled by the flexibility of eSIM.  A single IoT device SKU will be able to serve all your global markets, with no need to tailor devices to accept a range of SIMs. 
Streamline logistics and deployment Future-proof your IoT device investments Seamlessly integrate eSIMs with your existing IoT operations
Securely deliver O2 SIM profiles anywhere in the world, without having to ship SIMs or physically insert them into IoT devices locally or regionally. Match your industrial-grade IoT device hardware with a robust eSIM capability, to ensure long-term durability in the field. Using the O2 Smart Connect connectivity and management platforms you’ll be able to control eSIM-enabled devices as securely, transparently and easily as your regular IoT estate.


Explore the new IoT use cases

 Looking for some inspiration on what eSIM could make possible in your own organisation?


The first eSIMs were deployed in business to business markets like automotive healthcare, transport and utilities. They helped these businesses to streamline manufacturing and simplify management. eSIMs mean there’s no need to physically insert SIMs into IoT devices – a big plus when you’re shipping and deploying connected devices in lots of regional markets.


New eSIM applications are focusing on the consumer companion market. Devices with small form factors, like smart watches and other wearables, are increasingly incorporating eSIMs as a core feature. 



Your complete IoT connectivity service


Choose O2 for eSIM, and you’ll get the same visibility, ease and control over eSIMs as you enjoy for all your O2 IoT services.


Talk to us about eSIM, and you’ll quickly realise our expertise goes way beyond feeds, speeds and frequencies. We’ll help you determine the best way to capitalise on eSIM technology within your solution, or as part of new IoT innovations.