Using O2's network to ensure a swift and safe response to alarms

The Challenge

WebWayOne makes it possible for security companies to monitor their alarms. When an alarm goes off at a retailers, an office, bank or a high-end domestic property, WebWayOne makes sure the monitoring station is alerted, by transmitting the data quickly and securely.

O2 provides the secure and reliable mobile connectivity that WebWayOne needs to deliver its service in the UK and across Europe.

The Solution

As WebWayOne moved from analogue PSTN connections to IP technology they were able to use mobile connectivity to extend the capability of alarm systems.

"We looked for partners who understood that we were on a different trajectory into digital communications," said WebWayOne's Chris Carter Brennan. "O2 was the only company who saw itself as a full partner, building a service alongside us. We articulated our needs, and developed technical and commercial solutions together."

WebWayOne now uses O2's secure network for all of its business-critical services, delivering data in near real-time and with high reliability. For example, WebWayOne can now verify events instantly by sending images to its clients over broadband or 3G. The relationship allows WebWayOne to go further than that, exploring the potential for a range of other options and innovative solutions that can be deployed in the UK and across Europe.


With O2 heavily embedded in its architecture and the way it does things, WebWayOne is able to operate within O2's Internet of Things (IoT); collaborating with technology partners who need to connect their devices to a secure network, and constantly looking at new applications to help them gather more data.

"O2 is so central to the way we work that we now actively build our offer around what O2 can provide," says Chris. "The systems that we get from O2 and from our own solutions mean that we can provide a better service, better support and better security for our clients."

"O2 and its services are a critical element of our solutions. For the core of our business, it would be very difficult to trust anyone else." Emma Ashfield, Global Account Director.

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