O2 5G and Visionable

Transforming ambulance care

Trialling Smart Ambulance

Smart Ambulance trials use 5G to enable consultants to video link with paramedics, for fast, accurate assessment and treatment in ambulances. This saves time and lives, while maximising precious NHS resources.

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Key benefits

Over 1m hours saved in a year

Our research estimates that 5G video conferencing could save the NHS 1.1 million hours a year.

Fast, efficient patient care

Consultants can see more patients via video link than in person, so they can maximise their time.

Better use of NHS resources

The savings made from more efficient use of beds and staff can be invested elsewhere.

Fewer hospital patients

Patients assessed in ambulances may not need hospital treatment, saving time and money.

O2 5G and Visionable trial

Watch the video to find out more about the Smart Ambulance trial.

A little bit more info

“The traditional medical model says that we go to the doctor when we’re ill. But Smart Ambulance brings the doctor to the patient. Working with O2 and Visionable is really helping us to move healthcare forward.”

Lynda Sibson, Stroke Telemedicine Manager East of England,
Stroke Telemedicine Stakeholder Partnership

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