Detailed insights into customer behaviour

Spatial Insights helps track customer movements and identify patterns.

Helping deliver better customer experiences

Spatial Insights data helps to deliver a better customer experience in retail stores and other public spaces, through; resource and space optimisation, delivery of relevant products, services and planning. It uses existing CCTV cameras and advanced analytics to anonymously track customer movements and identify patterns.

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

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Key benefits

Deep in-store insights

Senior managers can make informed space and capacity decisions about store layout and meeting customer needs.

Real-time customer data

Spatial Insights’ dashboard provides live information, allowing managers to make instant decisions to enhance the in-store experience for staff and customers.

Enhanced customer experience

Customers have a better time in our stores, thanks to reduced queuing, an optimised layout, and informed staff deployment.

Multiple uses 

Spatial Insights has many applications and is now being used in local government and councils, leisure venues and transport hubs.

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"Spatial Insights is part of our ongoing effort to find cutting-edge solutions that deliver innovative experiences, to enhance interactions with businesses like ours.”

Sergio Budkin
Director of Market Development, Virgin Media O2