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Understand your customers better

Make informed decisions about your business and strategy, with rich insights on aggregated and anonymised population movement, profiles and preferences. 

Understand your customers better by extracting meaningful and actionable insights from one of the UK’s largest and most accurate data sets.

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Why choose O2 Motion?

Get extensive coverage

Our data insights are gathered from over 25 million mobile customers and millions of registered O2 Wifi users. These are combined, to provide one of the UK’s largest and most accurate data sets. 

Increase marketing accuracy

Combining our insights with your marketing strategy can significantly increase the accuracy of any campaign, maximising efficiency and ROI.

Use location-based intelligence

React more quickly, improve efficiency or deliver better customer service, thanks to location-based data insights.

Improve your planning

With a truth set based on over a third of the UK population, our data is extrapolated to represent the entire UK population, enabling better planning across multiple sectors. 

Understand your individual sites 

Data from our solutions helps you to understand customer behaviour at site level. So you can increase engagement, visit frequency and dwell time.

Predict trends

Identify and track changes over time. You can also see and understand the impact of external factors such as weather, competitor activity and special events. 

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public sector