O2 Smart Vehicle and Bidfresh

Driving efficiencies across fleets.

A modern approach to fleet management

Food logistics specialist Bidfresh needed to update their existing vehicle tracking system to improve mobility and strategic business decisions, and wanted to take advantage of new developments in advanced telematics.

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Key benefits

On-board diagnostics (OBD) devices

The telematics devices fitted in each vehicle track position but also provide detail on fuel levels, vehicle safety and driver efficiency.

Easy fit solution

The OBDs work equally well in all types of vehicle, including trucks, vans and cars and can be self-fitted for further cost savings.

Reduced fuel costs

O2 Smart Vehicle typically produces a 15% reduction in fuel expenditure by optimising routes and improving driver behaviour.

Online dashboard

The cloud-based interface can be accessed virtually anywhere by authorised personnel and provides real-time tracking information on the fleet.

A little bit more info

“O2 Smart Vehicle gives us a treasure trove of data, everything from GPS tracking to fuel use monitoring, even whether a driver’s using their seat belt or  not. It gives us lots of insight that we can use to improve our fleet strategy in future.”

Paul Arman, IT Director, Bidfresh

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