It’s O2 for GLA’S high street plans

The Greater London Authority employs movement data to understand how people use local services during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mastering high street usage

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns had an unprecedented effect on public use of high streets.
Understanding most used streets, at what times, and by which sets of people were vital.

O2 Motion data and analysis, aided GLA’s idea of curfew and lockdown effectiveness. With the types of people most likely to observe them.

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Key benefits

2.35m users in Greater London

30-35% of people in Greater London are on the O2 network. This equates to over 2.35 million users living in the Greater London area. So O2 Motion has a huge data set to work from.

Fast, accurate reporting

We consistently deliver daily, near real-time reports to GLA. 

Anonymised, accurate data

None of the data accumulated by O2 Motion can be used to identify individuals. It’s all anonymised and aggregated to identify trends, not people.

Travel demographics

O2 Motion’s data contains a broad range of insights into the travel of different demographics. But GLA was focused on the need to identify locals vs visitors, for each London borough.

A little bit more info

"The large sample size of O2 Motion’s data set and the delivered speed of daily counts. Meant that it was the best fit for our needs. As well as access to data tables, rather than dashboards."

Paul Hodgson
Senior Manager – City Data, Greater London Authority

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