Mobilising field based employees through tablets

The Challenge

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly overtaking PCs as the most popular computing devices. Most businesses acknowledge the benefits of mobile working, but there is much more to mobile working than just handing out tablets.

Few businesses have the in-house capability to plan and execute a tablet roll-out. O2 wanted to see for itself what was required to make a tablet roll-out a success without affecting security or productivity.

The Solution

O2 decided to 'drink its own champagne' and take the plunge to meet the challenges and sample the benefits of mobile working by deploying tablets to its employees.

  • User profiling highlighted the employees who would benefit most from a tablet
  • Deployed cloud based tablets with the ability to remove sensitive information and remote wipe if devices are lost or stolen
  • Provisioned with key business applications and to provide smarter ways of collaborating

"We've shown that a tablet with 3G or 4G coverage can be a better way of doing business than a with a laptop. The agility it provides, and the instant access to information, has really driven a positive change in behaviour. Many people who were unsure previously are keen advocates for enterprise mobility now they have experienced it themselves."


A survey of the first group of people using digitally enabled tablets in this way showed:

  • 60% were using their tablet to provide the latest information to customers face to face.
  • 50% used the tablet to answer questions during a meeting, eliminating the need for a follow-up meeting.
  • 80% had received a positive comment from customers while using the tablet and 30% of those found the tablet helped progress the sales conversation.
  • 75% said they were able to respond faster and better to customer enquiries.

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