O2 Motion and Catapult

Transforming Bristol’s urban mobility

O2 data quantifies demand for responsive transport services

O2 Motion provided two anonymised and aggregated data sets – a trip based origin-destination matrix and a trip-chain-based data set. These were used to build an agent-based model to identify the best places for a new Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service to improve urban mobility.

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Key benefits

Transport specific insights

O2 Motion Data has been specifically adapted to create products suitable for the transport sector.

25m users

O2’s huge reach, approaching 30% of the UK mobile market, allows for an unparalleled data set reflecting public travel, and is much more reliable than surveys.

Activity-based travel patterns

Data forms the basis of transport models designed to visualise and simulate the need for mobility solutions and their potential impact on the network and people’s habits.

Shared taxi trial

Data helped to establish areas of transport poverty and identify best places for the ‘MYFIRSTMILE’ on-demand shared taxi service.

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“Activity chains powered by mobile network data is a new source of data which can be exploited further and will contribute in identifying the most sustainable combination of new mobility services during the place making process.”

Dr Patrizia Franco, Connected Places Catapult

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