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Accurate location-data insights drive a deeper understanding of crowd-level visitor volumes, profiles and patterns.

Detailed movement data from O2

Micro Location Insights sensors can detect O2 customers within a very small geographic radius – anything from two metres to 50 metres. They not only provide unique visitor volumes by age and gender, but provide insight on dwell time, visit frequency, demographic profile, lifestyle interests, and work or home location catchments. 

Trend analysis is available to build highly accurate reports on visitors to shops, buildings, streets and other locations.

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Key benefits

25 million

O2 has the most reliable connections of any network in the UK – fully representative of the population as a whole


The small cells used for Micro Location Insights can measure very wide or very narrow areas 

10-12 billion

Network events every day


Always on and doesn’t require sign up. Data is also updated within 24 hours

A little bit more info

“O2 Motion’s Micro Location Insights gave us unparalleled information about visitors and potential visitors to our clients’ properties. It’s given us a sound basis to optimise our marketing spend to increase visitors, and helped us market space to potential occupiers.”  

Charles Owen
Property Director, Shaftesbury PLC

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