Teneo and population behaviour data

Our UK population data underpins our consultancy services to help you plan your high street recovery

Combining data with consultancy services

O2 Motion tracks users’ travels throughout the day. Historical and daily updates of the data are provided to Teneo, enabling comparative analysis before, during and after lockdown periods.

Teneo combines our mobile network data with a variety of socioeconomic data sets to deliver a detailed and unique understanding of existing behaviour and to forecast future behaviour for its clients.

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Key benefits

6-12 billion

Our huge number of network events each day offers an unprecedented scale of insight into population movement and behaviour.

Accurate reporting

O2 deliver daily, near real-time reports to Teneo to understand ongoing trends.

25 million connections

Our extensive number of UK mobile connections means our data is fully representative of the population as a whole.

Deep insight

Benchmark data to provide pre-, during- and recovery-period context.

A little bit more info

"By combining O2’s population behaviour data with a variety of other data sets we can make informed predictions and build models for how high streets can recover and build the post-COVID future. ”  

Gee Lefevre
Director, Head of Transport, Hospitality and Consumer Behaviour - Teneo


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