Increasing app store purchases four-fold

The Challenge

Traditional payment methods can be cumbersome for customers. They have to leave their online journey to log in, find their credit card, enter a long number correctly, as well as expiry dates and verification codes. This is inconvenient and often leads to customers abandoning the purchase altogether.

The Solution

Charge to Mobile (C2M) – also known as Mobile Operator Billing or Direct to Bill – lets customers make purchases and charge the cost to their mobile phone bill, or take it out of their phone credit, in a minimal number of steps. It's fast and easy, requiring no lengthy registrations, card numbers or PINs. It's also safe and gives customers peace of mind that they don't need to share personal details over the internet.

"We've seen a 400% increase in purchases through the Windows Phone Store." Matthew Quelch, Account Director, Microsoft, UK.


  • Customers from all networks can buy apps using C2M and charge to their operator, regardless of what contract they have or whether they have a credit card.
  • Real-time charging process reduces drop-off rates and increases the likelihood of customers continuing through to purchase.