O2 Motion and Bath BID

Invaluable understandings for post-Covid business recovery and rebuilding Britain.

Accurate, contemporary data for deeper awareness

Our Micro Location Insights uses ‘micro cells’ to analyse and produce a wide range of data on which areas of a high street are being visited.

And our Movement Strategies help retailers understand their customers’ behaviour and spending patterns, combining our movement data with a range of other data sets.

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Key benefits

34.1 million connections.

This includes our customers plus those of giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and Lycamobile, who all use our network.


Always on and  no need to sign up. 

1012 billion

The number of events on our network every day.

2-50 millimetres 

Our micro cells measure a range of area sizes.

A little bit more info

"We have been overwhelmed by how much data is available, and having demographic and spend information has really helped us to understand the impact of the pandemic in a much more rounded way than if we had solely been working with visitor numbers.”  

Alison Herbert
Bath Bid

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Under 10 employees

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