Increasing customer satisfaction and approval ratings

The challenge

When a bank card is used outside the UK the transaction is more likely to be declined if the card company is unaware of the customer's travel plans. MBNA encourages its customers to let them know when they will be abroad but this gave a task to customers, and is an extra hassle for frequent travelers. MBNA wanted to find a way to improve this customer experience.

The solution

O2 and MBNA decided to take advantage of the fact that UK mobile operators are required by law to contact customers travelling abroad as soon as they arrive overseas, to inform them of roaming charges.

With the service, Telefónica Travel Alerts, O2 were able to provide a travel alert to MBNA whenever an O2 customer switches their phone on in a new country. MBNA is then able to verify any card payment made in that country.

Phil Weston, Head of Mobile & Digital Communications at MBNA says 'MBNA is about making life easier for our customers. This falls into that category. It's taken a huge concern out of their hands'.


  • Virtually eliminated calls from customers to inform MBNA about travel
  • Increase in the approval rate of international transactions

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