O2 5G and ITN

O2 Business and ITN Productions deliver a live TV advert powered by 5G

A UK first

The potential of 5G for broadcasters is huge, especially in the live environment. So we partnered with ITN Productions to deliver the UK’s first live TV advert powered by 5G.

Watch the video and read the customer story below to find out more about this ground-breaking project.

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Key benefits

High-speed transmission

Our fast, robust, low-latency 5G network means hi-res video can be relayed directly in real time.  

Reduced costs

The money saved from having smaller crews and less expensive equipment can be spent on other priorities.

Smaller carbon footprint

With no need for outside broadcast trucks, fuel and emissions are drastically reduced.

Robust infrastructure

Our reliable 5G network means no drop in bandwidth when hi-res footage is transferred for fast editing.

Delivering a live 5G TV advert

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“With 5G we’ll see a lot more live TV adverts and a lot more cleverly constructed content. Essentially, 5G is going to enable us to create more content for more consumers across multiple platforms in a much more environmentally friendly way.”

Mark Thompson, Head of Advertising, ITN Productions

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