Mobile Recording from O2 expedites insurance claims and maintains compliance

The Challenge

Organisations want to support employees who are off sick to return to work as soon as possible, fit and well. To this end, they ask Innovate Health Care Management Group (InnovateHMG) to assess, diagnose and initiate treatment plans. Employees can be anywhere in the UK, and InnovateHMG experts work need to work in a highly flexible way and are often on the road. As well as conducting face-to-face consultations, they’re also required to do assessments by telephone, but waiting for written consent to do so used to cause delays that were frustrating for everyone.

InnovateHMG knew that recorded verbal consent could solve this issue, but needed to make sure that any solution would need to stand up to rigorous scrutiny and meet certain legal standards. Recordings would also need to be simple to use, store, track and review. The company researched various options but found that most required them to have an office-based line. And with InnovateHMG staff based all over the country this was not an option. They wanted something that would give them end-to-end compliance and mitigate risks to their data, systems and customer information.

The Solution

InnovateHMG found exactly what it was looking for when it discovered O2 Mobile Recording. This allows their experts to record and log all telephone conversations and texts, at all times, from anywhere in the country. "Consent can now be given verbally, which means that we are able to start coordinating and facilitating care and treatment in a timely and effective fashion," says the company's David Bunce.


Mobile Recording from O2 creates an instant, accurate audit trail of all communications. It syncs calls and texts seamlessly and stores them securely to the cloud. "We make an awful lot of telephone calls, and we love that simplicity of being able to easily find the recordings that we need, which offers huge peace of mind," said David.

As well as multiple security certifications (NICE, Verint, Actiance), recordings also meet the BS1008 regulatory requirement, which means that they are tamper-proof and acceptable as evidence in court in case of any dispute. Practitioners now think of phone calls as being akin to written documents, which supports best practice and integrity. "O2 Mobile Recording drives the professionalism of our calls and the assessments that we make," says David Bunce. "Our experts also know that they have evidence to support the diagnoses and advice they give."

"O2 mobile recording helps us adhere to data protection."
David Bunce, InnovateHMG

"We were immediately really impressed. O2 Mobile Recording is a really solid solution. The service overall just fits with us perfectly."
David Bunce, InnovateHMG

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