Make it easy for your users to meet regulations

If you have an obligation to record calls or text messages, you need a solution that's easy for your people to use. And cost-effective to roll out and run.

Mobile Recording from O2 is a network-based service that captures calls and text messages made and received on any mobile device, regardless of operating system. Its dual streaming means you can record live calls to two recorders at the same time and the service is fully compatible with all leading CRM systems. Helping you to meet regulatory requirements and gain greater control and transparency of customer interactions without needing to change the way your people work.Our service can also help with business audits, HR policies and training and even brand protection.

With the Markets In Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) regulation planned for January 2018, it’s more important than ever to be compliant. We can help you to review and strengthen your approach.

  • A seamless user experience at home or abroad. There's no need to download an app or activate recording as the technology sits at the core of our network.
  • Simple and transparent pricing. Mobile Recording from O2 is an add-on to your existing tariffs and roaming is covered.
  • Integrated security. O2 is the first mobile operator to achieve certification from NICE Systems for SIP on NICE Trading Recording. We’re also the first in the UK to be awarded CAS(T) accreditation, and also hold Verint and Actiance certificates for voice and SMS.
  • Flexible service options. We can work with your existing equipment, whether it's on-premises, hosted or hybrid.

View our mobile recording video and read more about our thinking on mobile voice recording on our blog.

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