Mobile Recording from O2

Record calls and text messages on any device

A service that’s as simple as it sounds

Want to keep tabs on your calls? O2 has created mobile call and text recording that’s secure, compliant and incredibly easy to use. 

Mobile Recording from O2 takes less than 48 hours to get up and running. Then you know that calls and texts are recorded perfectly and are ready for you to replay in an instant.

Want to hear more?

Over 95% of clients who saw the demo did, and they signed up straightaway. These include schools wanting to ensure accountability for communications, and companies who want to record consent with anyone they are on the phone to. And they’re all still with us, too. 

  • Designed with you in mind
  • Compatible with all devices and OS
  • Highly secure storage for as long as you like
  • Completely transparent and tamper proof
  • Invisible to end users


Our hosted solution has been designed with you and MiFID II in mind. It's the straightforward way to securely listen to, store and manage calls and texts.

We can show you the service over an online meeting or come and see you. It only takes 10 minutes or so - depending on how many questions you have!

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