Huff Equestrian

Growing their unique brand through constant connection

The challenge

Huff Equestrian is an equi-leisure brand providing sportswear for equestrians who want to look good on and off the horse.

Consistent and reliable internet access across the country is critical for this fast growing brand. Getting online whenever and where ever they are, at events or shows, is vital so they can process remote payments while keeping on top of customer contacts and social media - their biggest challenge.

With O2's network and pocket Hotspots, Huff Equestrian can get online wherever they are, whether in a town or in the middle of a field.

A flexible model from O2 means they can easily scale up as the business grows. They also get one year's free membership to Enterprise Nation included, the networking and advice group for small businesses around the UK.

Get in touch

Under 10 employees

Call us at 0800 028 0202

10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

Call us at 0800 955 5590

Key benefits

Connect Anywhere 

Stay in contact with your employees and customers no matter your location with the network that won uSwitch 2019 best mobile coverage 

Free Enterprise Nation membership

One year’s free membership to the networking and advice group for small businesses around the UK.

Room to grow

With a flexible model from O2 you can easily scale up as your business does.

Maximise revenues

Consistent network coverage ensures you are always able to do business on the go.

A little bit more info

“O2 has helped me to build my brand, and they consistently give me the support I need both as a customer and as a small business.”

Melanie Hunter Yell, Founder, Huff Equestrian