Healthy Nibbles

How O2 helps rural businesses stay connected

The importance of connectivity during challenging times


Healthy Nibbles is an award-winning snack company that makes eating healthily simple, by providing healthy vending machines and wellness hubs for businesses. 

Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do at O2, and we help rural businesses like Healthy Nibbles to stay connected with their employees, customers and suppliers.

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How does O2 support Healthy Nibbles?

Our award-winning network

Despite running her business from home  in a rural location. Sara is able to stay connected to her customers, suppliers and employees with O2’s award-winning network. We won Best Network for Reliability by GWS in 2021.

Championing sustainability

Sara has always been keen for her partners to align with her values: simplicity and sustainability. This is another reason why O2 is a good fit for Healthy Nibbles. O2 is on track to be net-zero (carbon) in our own operations by 2025.

A reliable partner

“With partners, you get what you need quickly and easily. That’s why we like working with O2. There’s consistency and no fuss with my bill - it’s just something we don’t need to worry about.”

We change with your business

Like many business owners, Sara was forced to flex her business during lockdown. So, it was important to have a partner that could meet her changing needs. “Like everyone else, we’ve started relying a lot more on video calls. And that means we really need a strong, reliable mobile signal.”

A little bit more info

“We really pride ourselves on being a responsive business. Connectivity is just so essential for us because we run so much of the business from our mobile devices. We need connectivity all of the time, not intermittently. If people cannot can’t get hold of you, it’s a really big challenge!"

Sara Roberts 
CEO, Healthy Nibbles

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