Greater London Authority and O2 Business

Delivering a secure platform to keep London running

Keeping London secure

The Greater London Authority needed a proven, secure solution that could record and store all mobile voice calls and text messages, from any device.

By using O2 Mobile Recording, the GLA has been able to meet its regulatory requirements and gain transparency of customer interactions - without compromising user experience.

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Key benefits

Secure storage

We were proud to be the first network operator to achieve the governments CAS(T) security certification for our WAN, mobile and wifi infrastructures. Since the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) no longer supports or maintains the CAS(T) audit process, we’ll be making sure we are compliant to the ISO27001 standards.


Voice recordings and text messages are stored on a user-friendly, future-proof, cloud-based portal, so they’re easy to retrieve when required.


It can be integrated into a hybrid fixed line and mobile system – on-premise, hosted, third-party hosted or hybrid. O2 is the first operator to achieve certification from NICE Systems for SIP on NICE Trading Recording (NTR).


There’s no need for anyone to log in or open an app – users simply make calls or send texts as normal and they’re automatically recorded and stored securely.

O2 Business and Greater London Authority

A little bit more info

“In common with all public sector procurements, we’re looking for economy, proficiency and effectiveness. The solution from O2 worked very well for us and enabled us to deliver the secure solution that we needed.”

Luke Webster, Chief Investment Officer, Greater London Authority

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