O2 Motion and Exterion Media

Driving engagement through mobile data insight

Delivering audiences - not just ad spaces

Our mobile data and bespoke interface are helping ExterionMedia to maximise advertising spend for its clients on the London Underground. They needed the strategic application of new data sources to tailor advertising campaigns based on unique audience insights, modernising Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.


We built a bespoke online interface for easy visualisation of targeted audience insights across the 5 million passenger journeys through London Underground’s zone 1 each day.

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Key benefits

Granular mobile user data

A third of UK phones use O2’s network, offering unprecedented insight into the digital behaviour and distinct demographic profiles.

Identify audience trends and patterns

Helping to establish which station advertising real estate is best suited for which audience, at what time.

Maximising audience share

Optimising ad exposure for each audience, using additional layers of insight to know when certain demographics are more likely to be at particular stations.

Online interface

Making it easy to access and process the data.

Full data licence

Exterion has full use of O2’s data for the entirety of the contract

Anonymised data

O2 is trusted to protect users’private data, helping to ensure compliance

A little bit more info

“O2’s data has been a great improvement on previous methods of collecting audience information. We can use it to identify the best stations and times for a particular demographic, and also to establish which demographics are best represented at a specific station.”

Mick Ridley, Chief Data Officer, Exterion

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