The simple way to deliver free public wifi

East Cheshire NHS Trust has partnered with O2 to provide free public wifi for all its patients and visitors.

Internet for everyone

The Trust asked O2 to take care of everything, including access, security and functionality. The service needed to be easy to use, regardless of technical ability, as well as allowing people to download apps, browse the internet and access healthcare information securely, and without data limits.

Easy internet access

O2 Wifi offers free, unlimited internet to anyone within range. Users only need to sign in once. So once it’s set up, they can get access automatically, making it easy to use. With no data limits, people can use it as much as they need to, and content is screened to protect the public against unsuitable material.

Built-in security and compliance

“The wifi service from O2 is very good indeed. They’re a trusted brand to be associated with, but even better, they offer great value for money. I’d like to see O2 Wifi used more across the NHS.”  Torin Glazer, Informatics Programme Manager, East Cheshire NHS Trust

Why O2?