O2 Business and Coterie

Getting real time protection for their virtual business

The challenge

When marketing consultancy Coterie lost one of their devices, it made them think about how they protect their data. They turned to O2 and McAfee for help with a security strategy to protect their business – and their reputation.

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Key benefits

Lower costs

Coterie saved money by migrating all employee devices onto the O2 network, benefitting from a cost-effective international tariff.

Oversight and control

Each employee can see their devices’ security status and can manage their protection and security settings via a simple dashboard.

Digital workplace

Coterie’s employees can continue to work whenever and wherever, knowing their connections and data are secure.

Room to grow

With a flexible model from O2, you can easily scale up as your business does.

A little bit more info

“We needed a solution that was simple, easy to use and effective. We saved money by migrating all our devices to one network, and the security solution was rolled in for the price of a cup of coffee a month. O2 were supportive and friendly all the way – they really helped us.”

Helen Curtis, Managing Director, Coterie

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