O2 Motion and Connected Places Catapult

O2 Motion data helps show how people really use transport

Mobility as a Service

O2 Motion’s anonymised travel data is helping assess demand for shared mobility services in urban areas.

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Key benefits

Tried and tested in the Northeast

Creation of a transport digital twin of Tyne and Wear, and the Northeast of England, enables a detailed understanding of door-to-door travel patterns in the region.

Innovative transport proposals

Prototype to provide decision-makers with a tool to assess mobility-as-a-service schemes and emerging on-demand mobility services.

Transport sector insights

Almost one million trips and over half a million trip-chains combined to generate a realistic demonstrator for urban mobility.

Activity-based travel patterns

A data-driven, agent-based transport model provides a multimodal representation of the movements of people and goods.

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"O2 Motion data provides a unique and powerful view of how populations interact with transport systems. We’re delighted to work with Connected Places Catapult to help assess the transport systems of the future.”

Chris Wroe
Head of Product Engineering, O2

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