City of London Corporation

Secure, robust digital infrastructure for businesses, residents and visitors.

The challenge

The City of London Corporation is the governing body for the City of London, the UK’s financial hub, which supports more than 500,000 workers and 8.9 million visitors each year. It needed a digital infrastructure for mobile and wifi communications that would be secure and offer excellent value for money – a system that would reflect its position as a global centre of excellence for trade. Both now and in the future.

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Key benefits

Secure communications

Stay in contact with your employees and share the latest information.

Efficient working on the move

Employees are able to work in an agile way across all sites, leading to improved collaboration and business deliverables.

Robust infrastructure

Workers and visitors can move seamlessly throughout the Square Mile without any drop in communication quality.

Future proof

O2’s network allows for future innovations including 5G and beyond.

City of London Corporation and O2 Business

A little bit more info

“We want technology to be an enabler for a positive experience for businesses and members of the public. This is a mutually beneficial partnership with O2 that has transformed service across the Square Mile and beyond while generating significant income for the Corporation.”

Rajiv Rathod, Commercial Contract Management (ICT Lead), The City of London Corporation

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