How O2 helped Bravura’s remote workers stay cyber secure

The importance of the right security solution

Bravura Solutions, a market-leading provider of wealth management, partnered with O2 to protect the 300 mobile devices used across their business.


Our team worked with Bravura to create a tailor-made service, using Sophos cybersecurity solutions and Asavie, to protect their growing organisation and enabling them to introduce a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy for their flexible workers.

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Key benefits

Staying cyber secure whilst working remotely

When Bravura’s employees moved to remote working, having robust cyber security became even more important – their O2 account manager 
worked with them to create a tailor-made service.

“We approached our IT team to see if we could create a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy. As a business they deemed it too much of a security risk. Until we were introduced to Sophos.”

Finding a solution to fit everyone’s needs

The O2 Sophos solution allows all employees to work with the devices they prefer, safe in the knowledge that company data is secure and compliant with GDPR.

“Being able to remotely wipe apps and company data without touching personal content was a game changer. It’s received great feedback from our teams.”

Building a long-term partnership

Back in 2014, when Bravura partnered with us, their mobile needs were very different. Peter Harcourt, Operations Manager at Bravura recalls how things have changed. 

“Back then, I think we had around thirty connections. Everyone had a BlackBerry and our business looked very different. Seven years later, we’ve now got over 300 connections across the business.”

A supplier that makes things easy

“Keeping our mobile and security contracts with a single supplier would obviously make things easier, but we also needed the right product. The O2 Sophos solution was the perfect fit.”

“Our O2 account manager made it really simple. They gave us all the options and really took the time to ensure that we understood the product."

A little bit more info

"Our BYOD policy means that there is an alternative option to a corporate device and the need for two phones. Whilst our employees can use the devices they prefer, we can continue to maintain the security of our business without reducing the employee experience.”  

Peter Harcourt
Operations Manager, Bravura

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