B&M Waste Services

Modernising communications the easy way with help from O2.

The challenge

B&M Waste Services needed to update how it communicated with the drivers of its fleet of waste collection vehicles. They were looking to get real-time information about their vehicles' locations so they could keep their drivers and customers updated with the latest information.


O2 provided tablets and in-dash data SIMs for B&M’s entire fleet of over 60 vehicles, as well as mobile devices for more than 300 employees. Employees now have real-time information of where each vehicle is at any given time.

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Key benefits

Real-time communications

Stay in contact with your employees and share the latest information.

No business disruption or cost of change

Leverage the expert knowledge of O2 tech experts who help with unboxing, app installation, data transfer, security set-up and more.

A forward looking digital strategy

Upgrade your communications systems to provide a modern, fully connected service for your clients.

Easy, hassle-free deployment

Minimise downtime by using O2 knowledge to transition quickly and effectively.

Improved customer service based

Evenings. Weekends. Bank holidays. If you need help, we’ve got you covered, 24/7. And it’s all backed by service levels covering installation and reliability.

Improved business processes

Allow your employees to update and manage workflow whilst out on the road. Giving you visibility into real time data and reducing the amount of admin time.

B&M Waste Services

Modernising Communications alongside O2

A little bit more info

“From the beginning of our discussions with O2, they listened to us, did what they said they would and very much put the customer first. I had great faith they would deliver what they promised with no disruption to the business, and that’s exactly what they did.”

Andrew Waland, IT Systems Manager

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