My Business Apps

My Business Apps is our online portal that gives you more control over your subscriptions.

About My Business Apps

What is My Business Apps?

It’s an online service portal which allows you to manage licences and assign users for the business apps you've bought from O2

What can I do in My Business Apps?

As an administrator you can add new users, buy or reassign licences, delete and upgrade users.

Which business apps can I manage using My Business Apps?

At the moment you can only manage Box and McAfee accounts in Business Apps. You can manage users and accounts for Microsoft 365 in the Microsoft 365 portal.

Setting up My Business Apps

How do I get added as an administrator?

This happens when your account is set up. We'll send you an email with a link to My Business Apps confirming your username and password.

Using My Business Apps

There are differences in the way Box and McAfee work in My Business Apps – what are they?


  • Box administrators can sign into My Business Apps to manage their licences and users.
  • They can see their content and files and this is also where they can manage their users' quotas and file permissions.
  • Box end users sign in directly to Box using the sign-in email they get sent when their administrator adds them.


  • My Business Apps is the only way you can access your McAfee accounts.
  • Administrators can manage their end users and licences and get access to McAfee.
  • End users can access their account.

What about Microsoft 365 – where do I manage that?

The Microsoft 365 portal. As an administrator you can manage your account by adding, deleting and amending users. As an end user you can access their Microsoft 365 account.

What if I have both Box and McAfee – do I get the same sign-in and password for both?

You’ll have the same sign-in and password, and you’ll be able to switch between the accounts you want to manage using a drop-down list.

What if I have Microsoft 365 and either a Box or McAfee account, what happens then?

As an administrator you'll be able to access both My Business Apps and the Microsoft 365 portal to manage your users.


I’ve forgotten my Business Apps password – what can I do?
  • Go to My Business Apps and click on Forgot password?.
  • We'll ask you to enter your email address.
  • We'll then email you with a link to reset your password.

If you've forgotten your Microsoft 365 password you’ll need to go through the same process using the Microsoft 365 portal

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