Wifi and 4G Calling

Another way to stay connected with O2

Clearer calls and better indoor coverage

No signal? No problem, with Wifi Calling. Wherever you are, if you’re having signal trouble, use wifi to call as normal. And 4G Calling lets you make calls over 4G, for clearer calls.

Move seamlessly between wifi and 4G network coverage, so you can continue your calls without disruption, and check emails at the same time.

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Under 10 employees

Call us at 0800 028 0202

10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

Call us at 0800 955 5590

The best things about Wifi and 4G Calling

Easy to set up

Once we’ve set you up and you’ve switched it on in your phone’s settings, you’re good to go. There’s no need to sign up, register or download an app.

Continue calls as you move around 

Start your call over wifi, and move seamlessly onto our 4G network as you step outside. All you need to do is make sure your device supports Wifi and 4G calling.

Don’t pay extra

There’s no extra charge for Wifi and 4G Calling. Calls are included in your tariff allowance, and out-of-tariff calls are charged at your standard rate.

Choose the device you want

Wifi and 4G Calling works on most popular business phones. And we’re adding new ones all the time1.

Stay connected in more places

Make and take calls wherever you have a wifi connection. Stay in touch in more places than ever, with more wifi hotspots popping up all the time. 

Multi-task on the move

Browse the internet, or use apps, on our fast 4G network, while you’re making a call. So you can be more productive, wherever you are.

Wifi and 4G Calling

How to stay connected with Wifi and 4G Calling

A little bit more info


Find out how to set up Wifi and 4G Calling and see our FAQs



You can check the coverage in your area



Read our Wifi & 4G Calling terms and conditions

1For some Android devices, Wifi and 4G Calling will only work on devices using O2 firmware. Learn more and check if your device is compatible.

 The device firmware is essentially the software that makes your device turn on and run. Sometimes there are different versions of firmware for the same device.