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O2 City Data Platform 

A human-centred digital solution to support smart cities.

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Make your city a better place to live 

Let us help you build a more habitable and prosperous place, in which citizens, communities and businesses can thrive. The O2 City Data Platform helps you solve today’s biggest urban challenges: from enabling more efficient transport, to reducing air pollution and improving housing planning.

The O2 City Data Platform offers access to over 7bn anonymised daily data points, spanning location, behaviour, demographics and more. We can blend insights from this data with metrics captured from your own town or city, to gain a deeper understanding of your urban environment. This helps you target investment where it’s needed most, monitor its impact, and develop evidence-based policy. 

From tactical projects like optimising refuse collection and flood prevention, to strategic initiatives like housing and transport planning, talk to an O2 expert about why the O2 City Data Platform should be at the heart of your smart city.


The smarter approach to digital cities

The O2 City Data Platform makes it quicker and easier to put data at the heart of planning and operational decisions. So you can increase the value of your data, and turn complex IoT technologies into measurable value.

One integrated platform: Focused on results Modular by design
The essential building blocks of a smart city, including applications and analytics, data management, connectivity, and affordable IoT sensors. We’ll help you understand and solve your real-world urban challenges, improving quality of life for citizens and productivity for business, while stretching your budgets further.      The platform’s modular architecture makes it straightforward to add additional sensors, data and analytics capabilities to scale as required.
Open and accessible Driving innovation  
Access billions of data events every day – all licenced and available to you to use, thanks to the platform’s open and familiar architecture.  The platform is the perfect foundation for identifying new opportunities, utilising your data assets, and for integrating new capabilities into your existing digital and physical infrastructure.  

Connectivity is key

As smart cities become the norm and data is captured in ever-increasing volumes, your solution needs the scalability to accommodate new digital products and services, like mobility as a service, and connected autonomous vehicles.


The O2 City Data Platform uses O2’s award-winning network to keep your smart city solution secure, available and always-on. We’re the only network provider to achieve the UK Government’s exacting CAS(T) security standard for both mobile data and WAN. 


And we’re right at the forefront of 5G innovation, having identified how 5G will help local authorities share an annual £2.8b* in efficiency savings.


* The Value of 5G for Cities and Communities, O2 with Juniper Research, 2018.




“We believe that using [O2 City Data] will save money over traditional data capture methods and provide us with greater flexibility”


Mark Kemp, Director of Growth, Strategy & Highways, Buckinghamshire County Council


Smart made simple

Choosing O2 gives you complete freedom and flexibility to tailor a solution to your precise needs and budgets. No frustrating vendor lock-in. No time-consuming integration headaches. And no multiple vendors to juggle.


With proven O2 connectivity, you’re assured of easy scalability, and the capacity to meet rising demand. You can choose as much or as little of the O2 City Data Platform as you need, and integrate specific capabilities with your existing smart cities technologies and services. Or alternatively, it’s easy to plug other technologies straight into the O2 platform.