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O2 Professional Services

Our dedicated IoT experts will work with you to create a strategic plan. Helping you meet your goals, to achieve the best return on your IoT investments.

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Expert help and guidance

With 25 years’ experience in IoT, our specialists will help you create an end-to-end strategy that ensures your business benefits from the potential of current and future IoT technologies. 

In the dynamic IoT market, where new standards and innovations are emerging all the time, we’ll work with you across every stage of your project lifecycle to minimise the risks and maximise the rewards. 

We’ll help you identify, plan and deploy the right IoT solution for your business.

O2 Smart Vehicle Services

Are you a leasing organisation, or managing your own vehicle fleet? Our Professional Services for O2 Smart Vehicle can help you tailor the ideal vehicle telematics solution for your fleet. 

We’ll work with you to understand your business goals, challenges and technical requirements. Then we’ll help you build a compelling business case for O2 Smart Vehicle, providing you with hands-on support to demonstrate the solution’s value to your business. 

And if you need it, we’ll train your teams to make sure they have the skills to get the best results from your O2 Smart Vehicle investment.


Understanding your goals Identifying solutions Building a strategy 
Starting with an exploratory workshop, we’ll get to know your specific goals and challenges, and understand your vision for your organisation’s future. Using our experience, and drawing on our own end-to-end IoT offer alongside the expertise in our partner ecosystem, we’ll recommend the best solution for you. We’ll create a strategic plan to deliver your objectives through our own and our partners’ technology capabilities, and our business and technical expertise. . 
Working with industry-leading partners Building your business case Supporting your deployment
Taking advantage of our close and long-standing relationships with leading technology and IoT vendors, we’ll architect an end-to-end solution that meets your objectives.  Our business experts will help you build a compelling case for investment in IoT solutions and services, so you can raise budget, and provide visibility of the anticipated returns. To make sure your investment quickly delivers the return you expect, our technical and deployment experts will work with you to implement your solution and get everything running smoothly.


Deep expertise, broad support


Within our Professional Services team, you’ll find global and UK experts in all the relevant disciplines: from business planning to solution specialists, technical architects, and network and security experts.


You’ll have expert support wherever you need it: for IoT hardware, connectivity, data, analytics or insights. And we’ll help you identify the next big opportunities as you progress along your IoT journey. 


Engage O2 Professional Services to support your IoT project, and you’ll benefit from:

A robust strategic foundation for your IoT investment, built on a tailored strategy that’s as unique as your organisation Cutting out costly errors, by making sure you focus your investment in the right areas Achieving the best return on investment (ROI) for your business through strategic, well-planned spending 
Ensuring IoT outcomes that deliver tangible business benefits by hosting workshops with senior business stakeholders  Supporting both your current and future business goals by focusing investment on scalable IoT solutions and services A comprehensive IoT strategy that leverages O2’s end-to-end IoT expertise – from hardware to connectivity, data, analytics and insights. 


“We really value how O2’s people always go the extra mile. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about O2.”

Alex Louisy, Head of International Operations, Wifirst


O2 Smart Vehicle services

If you’re a vehicle leasing or fleet organisation, O2 Professional Services can help you get better results from vehicle telematics, by:

Understanding your business and technical goals and challenges in an exploratory workshop  Helping you understand how telematics technology can help your business and your fleet achieve its strategic goals  Working with you to build a compelling business case based on analysing your needs and understanding your KPIs
Supporting you throughout roll out with our Professional Services Installation Team Making sure you get the most from your O2 Smart Vehicle insights with dedicated full or half day training sessions Offering the extra convenience of end-to-end connectivity for your fleet, e.g. supplementing vehicle telematics with in-car wifi