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Low Power Networks

Create innovative new IoT services with longer battery life and extended coverage, when you choose LPWAN connectivity.

Find out how

Licensed LPWAN: connectivity you can trust

With the introduction of a choice of standardised LPWAN services, O2 can help you take even more innovative and profitable IoT solutions to market.

Because LPWAN offers better coverage in demanding environments, it supplements existing use cases and creates opportunities for new IoT solutions.  

With battery life of up to 10 years, plus reliable, affordable modules, LPWAN IoT is easy to deploy and manage. And with simple integration using O2’s Smart Connect management platforms, it’s straightforward to stay in control of your IoT solutions. 

Choose O2, for the added assurance of a standardised operator-led service that’s resilient and gives you comprehensive coverage.

Gain competitive advantage with our new LPWAN connectivity opportunities. Talk to us about how our tailored LPWAN services can help you realise your IoT vision. 


A new world of easy IoT connectivity

LPWAN is purpose-built to extend the possibilities of IoT devices, products and services:

Connect isolated un-powered or off-grid products for up to 10 years with enhanced battery life. Implement new opportunities in markets like asset tracking, remote security and environmental data logging.   Connect to IoT devices that were previously unreachable with LPWAN’s increased coverage. Reliably connect underground meters, remote environmental sensors or indoor products.
Integrate smart technology into more products and applications without driving up costs, thanks to the low unit cost of LPWAN devices.  Find out how IoT can expand your business potential, by accessing our standardized, secure and reliable 3GPP IoT network services. 

A choice of standardised services

We’ll help you pick the best LPWAN option for your IoT solution.


We offer cost-effective LPWAN with up to +20dB coverage – perfect when you need high performance in tough static environments.


Or for mobile IoT applications, choose LPWAN that offers uninterrupted coverage from moving IoT devices. Or where you need to enrich your solution with voice and SMS capabilities.  


Next-gen LPWAN capabilities

Deeper, enhanced coverage Reduced module costs Enhanced battery life
You can expect up to +20dB coverage over existing technologies, enabling deeper indoor penetration and remoter rural coverage. And our 800MHz spectrum boosts reach and coverage even further. Simplified module technology and functionality reduces the manufacturing cost of connectivity hardware – savings that get passed on to you. Industry tests predict LPWAN device batteries will last up to 10 years. So devices can operate autonomously with no need to visit or return them to base.
Reliable, secure, standardised network Hassle-free managed connectivity Fast deployment
Enjoy maximum reliability and availability, with the minimal interference and disruption that only an operator-led standards-based technology delivers.LPWAN is the natural evolutionary path from GSM. You can rely on O2’s trusted IoT managed service and expert capabilities to tailor the ideal LPWAN service for you and your customers. Choose O2, and we’ll make sure your LPWAN connectivity is easy to deploy – and delivers a robust, reliable service you can depend on.



Your imagination is the only limit 

LPWAN opens up a host of new IoT use cases. Long battery life and enhanced coverage makes it ideal for applications like remote health monitoring, asset tracking and lift monitoring. It’s equally at home in static, hard-to reach applications like waste monitoring, water meters and agricultural environment sensors. 


Whichever type of LPWAN you choose, you’ll be able to capture new sources of data that improve decision making, enhance safety, and help businesses perform more efficiently.