Identity Verification

Improve security and reduce fraud

Protect your customers and business from identity fraud with our range of identity protection and verification products.

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Identity fraud using mobile phones is on the rise. Our identity protection and verification products can help protect both your customers and your business from fraudulent attacks.

Sim Swap and Call Divert

Get protection from account takeover, where mobile is used for two-factor authentication. You can find out if your customer’s mobile account has been taken over by a recent sim swap. And we’ll let you know if any call diverts are active, as criminals often divert calls to other numbers.


Check if a customer is where they say they are. And see if transactions are being made in the proximity of their mobile. Proximity lets you match a known transaction location to see if it’s near to where your customer’s phone is. It’s a secure, dedicated, real-time connection that’ll give your customers peace of mind. 

Number Verify

Verify your customer’s mobile number instantly and securely. Number Verify lets you confirm that the number a customer provides is the same as the one they’re using. So registrations and logins are smoother and faster, and you get extra security for your business.  


Increase registration rates by making it quicker and easier for customers to fill in forms on their mobile. Sign-Up autofills forms using verified customer account data. So it’s easier for customers to register or complete a transaction.


Reduce fraud by matching your customer data with their mobile account data. Match lets you cross reference names and address data given to you by a new or existing customer with our subscriber data. So it helps you to reduce fraud and protect your customer against identity theft.