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Protect your network and people

Connect and protect with O2 Digital Defence

Time for a new level of network security

We know that organisations want to give their people tools to let them work not only productively, but also safely and securely.

As a global security provider, every day brings increased cyber security challenges. As threats continue to evolve, we’ll help protect your people and your network, giving you peace of mind.

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

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Secure every connection

Mobile, internet, wifi and WAN. We were the first provider with CAS(T) certification for both our mobile and WAN networks. We also offer other security solutions such as managed firewall.

Boost your device security

Whatever the endpoint, we can protect you from ransomware and emerging threats, covering mobiles, Windows and Mac, servers, virtual machines, IoT devices, industrial control machines.

Partner with the best

To keep you safe, we have partnered with global security vendors offering email security, web security, identity & authentication management, NextGen Firewalls, IDS/IPS, DNS protection.

Use the cloud securely

Extend your security to the cloud. Protect your users and data by safeguarding your cloud presence and applying your network security policies to your cloud services. 

Safeguard your internet presence

We can help protect your brand and revenues, by monitoring your websites and assets for vulnerabilities. We’ll give you a view of your digital exposure in the outside world, including the dark web.


Managed detection and response

React more quickly with 24/7 real-time monitoring. Remove the blind spots in your security visibility with expert support.

Why O2?

Access a global practice

Telefonica delivers Enterprise level security worldwide

Secure your connectivity

Get one point of access to any connectivity service, with O2

Get service you can rely on

More than 450,000 UK companies rely on us

Cyber security assessment


You know your business and your needs. And we know security. Our Security Maturity Assessment brings together your business and IT experts and our security experts. 


The result is a personalised security review that identifies your current security state and what we believe are your biggest risk areas.


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