Smart Metering

Your network for smarter energy

Together, we're moving energy into the future

Smart Metering from O2 gives you the capability to deliver cellular smart metering solutions, even in difficult-to-reach locations.

Our network is flexible, scalable and ready to go now. It already supports millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of smart meters across the UK. We don't need to build infrastructure from scratch. Which is good for you, good for your customers and good for the environment.

We recognise the need to build trust – Smart meter projects in other markets have shown us how much people need to know they rely on their supplier.

We won't get there by ourselves – Collaboration is key in delivering a successful smart metering solution. That's why we work with the best suppliers and partners out there.

From smart meters to smart homes – We believe smart meters will accelerate the arrival of the smart home. Watch our video, to see our vision.

Roll out smart meters throughout the UK across O2's trusted network. Send and receive energy reports in real time. Monitor the efficiency of your meters remotely. Increase efficiency. Reduce emissions. And reduce costs.

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