Business services

Smarter working. Happier customers. Increases automation.

Boost your productivity and customer service

We work with all kinds of Business Services organisations, across sectors that include construction, manufacturing, engineering, facilities management, logistics and defence.

In fact, we share many of the same challenges. Like managing a UK-wide, disparate workforce where the majority work remotely.

We offer a broad portfolio of digital services that increase efficiencies and customer engagement. These help organisations build revenues and drive productivity. We know they work as we use them ourselves, and see them deliver industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.

We help companies benefit from:

  • Enterprise Mobility– keep information flowing wherever you operate
  • Devices- to help people work flexibly and productively
  • Unified comms- for secure collaboration anywhere in the world
  • Connectivity– including O2 Gateway for multiple services or to quickly set up temporary sites
  • IoT– to make services more efficient and to increase revenues

We're in the business of keeping things simple. Of helping you work smarter - regardless of where you are.

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