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The Microsoft Teams rollout within O2

Saving time, improving collaboration and staying connected

With a large workforce scattered across the country, O2 needed a seamless, flexible way to work from virtually anywhere.

O2 has been using collaborative, online working tools such as Skype for Business and Lync for many years, but there was a need for a more effective collaboration tool that brought together video and voice calls, text, file sharing and editing all in one secure, easily accessible place.

O2 was the first organisation in the larger Telefónica group to make the move and has since been followed by the rest of the organisation, with 110,000 users around the world. This hands-on experience of rolling out Teams to its own people puts O2 in a great position to implement Teams for its customers.

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Key benefits

Secure access

Robust passwords and security protocols mean business-critical work is secure throughout the organisation.

Open to everyone

Anyone can join a Teams call, including partners and customers. They don’t need a licence, just an invite, and video calls can be recorded for future use and sharing.

Prepared for a pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, and millions had no option but to work from home, O2 and Telefónica were already well placed to make the switch. Following the UK lockdown, usage for meetings leapt by 50%.

Streamlines collaboration

Users can easily switch between video and voice calls, text (independently or within meetings), store documents in the cloud and edit them or provide feedback in real time.

Easy installation

Teams is automatically included as part of any Microsoft 365 installation by O2.

Latest technology

Like the rest of Microsoft 365, updates are added automatically, at no extra charge, so users always have the latest version.

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"Our experience rolling out Teams to our own business means we have great hands-on experience to pass on to our customers. We can highly recommend Teams because we use it ourselves."

Richard Bond, Workplace Architect, O2 Microsoft Teams rollout

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